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Hawker Brownlow

Reading in the Real World: Strategies for Finding Meaning in Stories Songs Poetry Ads Movies Comics and More!


This powerful 32-page book explores strategies for reading in and out of the classroom. From focusing on meaning and technique to sharing and transforming texts, Reading in the Real World is full of simple yet effective ways to read all text forms with confidence.

Comprehension strategies to use before, during and after reading help students discover how meaning and technique work together to real-world texts. Based on the many forms of texts that modern readers encounter, the book uses familiar genres to guide readers to a better understanding of new text formats. It includes reproducible organisers and examples from a variety of media – ranging from stories and poetry to comics and print advertisements – to help readers make the most of the texts that surround them in their real lives.

In a short and accessible form, this book outlines innovative approaches and activities that will motivate students to read effectively and with enthusiasm.