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Hawker Brownlow

Reading Comprehension - Basic Not Boring Series


This book is designed for primary or middle year students and uses interesting reading selections to develop reading and thinking skills. Students can try high interest, appealing exercises that will help them with new skills, reinforce an existing skill or assess a student's performance or understanding.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Reading Comprehension
- 32 Skills Exercises
- Reading Comprehension Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Determining Word Meaning - Identifying Main Ideas
- Reading for Details - Identifying Elements of a Story
- Explaining Sequence - Identifying Cause & Effect
- Distinguishing Fact & Opinion - Summarising/Identifying Theme
- Drawing Logical Conclusions - Predicting Outcomes
- Connections between Fiction & Real Life - Comparing & Contrasting
- Making Judgments - Reading for Information
- Using Graphics - Interpreting Charts & Graphs
- Identifying Point of View - Identifying Bias
- Identifying Stereotype - Identifying Author's Purpose
- Identifying Tone - Recognising Characterisation Techniques
- Identifying Theme/Figurative Language - Identifying Literary Devices
- Identifying Figurative Language - Explaining Personal Responses