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Hawker Brownlow

Problem Solving - Basic Not Boring Series


The activities contained in Problem Solving are based on a sports theme in which students find solutions to unique dilemmas: which skier will win the most gold medals, how deep in debt a scuba diver gets buying new equipment and how many pizzas the cross-country team can eat after a race. This is no ordinary fill-in-the-blanks way to learn. These exercises are fun and surprising. Students will cultivate numerous skills including how to: identify and define a problem, eliminate excess information, create diagrams, charts or graphs, translate problems into equations, solve problems using statistical data, select appropriate operations for solving problems, choose and use formulas to solve problems, solve consumer problems involving interest and discounts, use logic to solve problems and check the accuracy of problem solutions.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Problem Solving
- 31 Skills Exercises
- Problem Solving Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Neccesary Information - Too Little Information
- Too Much Information - Using Illustrations
- Choosing Operations; Using Charts - Using Charts; Multi-Step Problems
- Using Graphs - Using Graphs; Estimation
- Using Statistics - Using Formulas
- Mental Maths - Estimation
- Choosing Equations - Writing Equations; Multi-Step Problems
- Trial & Error - Making Charts
- Logic; Drawing Diagrams - Drawing Diagrams
- Percentage; Ratio - Percentage; Discounts
- Percentage; Discounts; Multi-Step Problems - Consumer Problems; Payments
- Ratio - Proportion
- Open-Ended Problems - Problem-Solving Strategies
- Checking Accuracy - Reasonability