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Hawker Brownlow

Print Cut and Fold - Creative Technology Projects for Foundation Revised Edition

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Year 2
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Print, cut and fold your way through meaningful, hands-on activities. Print, Cut and Fold: Creative Technology Projects for Foundation–Year 2 will help you to engage your students with 50 technology-rich activities.

This revised Australian edition of Print, Cut and Fold has been newly updated to include Australian Curriculum content descriptions for five subject areas – English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Science – ensuring your instruction will be curriculum-aligned and meaningful. Topics include:


  • Phonics
  • Word meaning and construction
  • Parts of speech
  • Story elements
  • Rhymes, opposites and homophones

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Government
  • Geography
  • Holidays
  • Symbols
  • Transportation


  • Number recognition and counting
  • Calendars, time and money
  • Basic operations
  • Place value


  • Plants and animals
  • Weather and seasons
  • Living and non-living things
  • Properties of matter
  • Light energy

Using Microsoft PowerPoint to create unique graphic organisers, study aides and desktop publications, the step-by-step lesson plans in Print, Cut and Fold allow you to integrate technology into your F–2 curriculum with ease and style. The skills that students learn using Print, Cut and Fold will remain useful to them moving through their schooling, and the activities they complete will help them to build strong cross-curricular knowledge.