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Teaching Solutions

Practising Positivity in the Classroom


This is a user-friendly resource to help teachers tackle challenging behaviour issues and classroom management. It demonstrates practical strategies that promote student behaviour ownership, responsibility and respect through positive mediation and calm, controlled responses to situations.

Positive behaviour support is a change management program that appeals to children, as their experience is positive. It shows faith in children, enabling them to see that by engaging in the process of learning they can be rewarded rather than reprimanded. The book has a balance of background theoretical information coupled with simple strategies, and gives teachers direct outcomes with learning strategies that can be implemented.

Contents include:

  • Identifying the tricky ones
  • Identifying the behaviours you want, rather than those you don’t want
  • Finding the motivator
  • Finding the time to capture the moment
  • Finding the system to celebrate the moments
  • Taking the time to reflect – you are changing a child’s life

Laura Greaves and Shannon Walker work in the Victorian education system with high risk disengaged children, and children with learning difficulties and additional needs. This book is based on their experiences.