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Popular Sayings - English in Context

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Teachers Reference

Popular sayings are commonly used in our daily conversation and writing. But some people tend to use them indiscriminately, quite often to impress others but without achieving any effect.

Popular Sayings contains 40 interesting passages that cover a wide range of text types, featuring a collection of nearly 800 sayings and numerous sentence examples to show their usage. It also provides detailed explanations, usage comments and origins, as well as simple alternatives where possible.


  • 40 specially written passages to illustrate the usage of popular sayings.
  • Nearly 800 popular sayings and more than 1500 sentence examples to show usage.
  • Highly interesting passages for reading, covering a wide range of topics for secondary students and adult learners.
  • A built in mini dictionary for easy reference.
  • Do it yourself exercises for self-testing, with answers.

RIC Publications