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Shelter Harbor Press

Physics - Ponderables


Book - All Ages

NEW EDITION includes a recently updated removable 12-page fold-out timeline that traces the history of physics from the very beginning all the way up to 2017.

Physics: An Illustrated History of the Foundations Science follows famous scientists and other experts through the ages as they unravel the fabric of the universe to reveal the array of fundamental forces, intangible articles, and indestructible energy that make up one of our core scientific studies. Filled with glorious colour photos, imagery and diagrams, this authoritative volume even includes a simple physics guide and timeline that add new context to fresh mysteries such as Higgs Boson, supersymmetry, and dark energy. Biographies of the great physicists plus 100 chronological articles on the history of physics build on the popular Who did what when? Ponderables trademark.

In a world where technology and science have become familiar and exciting subjects, Physics finally lays wide open one of science s more mystifying facets, the knowledge without which everything else from astronomy to zoology would simply be meaningless conjecture.