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Paper Flying Dragons - Klutz


Big dragons, baby dragons and a dragon you design yourself!

Introduding Paper Flying Dragons — fantastic flyers unmatched in the world of paper airpplanes. They swoop, they glidem they dive and crash ... and then they fly again. That's because these five breeds of dragon are made of sturdy cardstock — beautifully illustrated punch-outs, ready to fold and assemble. Every one of them is kid-tested for durability, ease of building and spectacular flight.

You also get six foldable paper hatchlings, speedy little baby dragons just out of the egg. Best of all, with the Klutz-engineered contruction system you can build a dragon of your own invention. Assemble the parts however you want, flight test and then follow expert tips to modify your creation for better aerodynamic performance. To quote kid testers, the results are 'Awesome!'

Also features fascinating facts about dragons.