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Year 4
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These books are part of the OzzieMaths Series, which consists of seven books altogether, all of which are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Maths: Foundation (Author: Yolanda Cool)

Bold line art coupled with simple text and an uncomplicated layout make this resource approachable and engaging for young learners. Covering all key areas of the Australian maths curriculum, your students will learn through: counting, matching, colouring, drawing, cutting, pasting, guessing, locating and playing games. Students will love interacting with their classmates and drawing on their life experiences to complete some of the tasks.

Maths: Year 1 (Author: Anita Green)

Say goodbye to boring maths lessons with this jam-packed resource of open-ended and real life maths problems. Designed for all ability levels, you can guarantee that no student will be left behind or left unchallenged. Students will enjoy sharing their strategies to discover that there are actually many different methods that can be used to arrive at the same answer. Incorporating all areas of the maths curriculum, this book will be loved by both the teacher and the students.

Maths: Year 2 (Author: Anita Green)

Engage your students while tearing through the curriculum with this book of mostly open-ended maths problems. The activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation, so there won’t be any students getting left behind or needing more challenging work. Students will get the most out of this book if they share their strategies to discover different methods of arriving at the same answer. Fun illustrations and problems cemented in real life make this resource a must for any Year 2 classroom.

Maths: Year 3 (Author: Lisa Craig)

Your students will love solving these creative maths problems, many of which are set in familiar and real life situations. Written by an experienced maths teacher, these activities have been selected, tried and tested and will be a source of great fun in the classroom. The author has closely connected the tasks to the Australian maths curriculum and other core learning areas to show that maths plays an important role in every school subject. This integrated resource will make your maths lessons a whole lot richer.

Maths: Year 4 (Author: Lisa Craig)

Aussie kids everywhere will enjoy these fun ways of developing their mathematical skills and reasoning. Interactive, hands-on and creative, the activities will be loved by the teacher as well as the students. Linked to the Australian maths curriculum and to other learning areas, this integrated resource shows students the relevance of maths. Answers and additional teaching information can be found at the back of the book.

Maths: Year 5 (Author: Brenda Gurr)

Why spend time dreaming up creative maths problems linked to the Australian maths curriculum when it is all here for you? This resource is jam-packed with interactive, hands-on, everyday maths tasks which will develop your students’ mathematical skills and reasoning. Answers and additional teaching information can be found at the back of the book.

Maths: Year 6 (Author: Lisa Craig)

Finding the correct dose of water conditioner for fish tanks; planning a ferry trip to the zoo using a timetable and playing fraction dominoes, are just some of the creative ways that your students will develop their mathematical skills and reasoning using this super-creative resource. Fun and meaningful illustrations accompany the tasks that both the teacher and the students will love. Make your maths classes a whole lot richer by purchasing this resource today.