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Our Journey - Planning and Documentation Without Tears


Our Journey is a planning and reflection workbook designed to reduce the time and complexity involved in written documentation while ensuring your planning links with the learning outcomes, principles and practices of the EYLF, children's interests and intentional teaching. Our Journey reduces the amount of written work you do in your planning and documentation.

Our Journey provides you with a planning format that is designed to simplify and streamline the planning process. There are enough templates for one years planning if you plan monthly. There are detailed instructions provided in the book to support you in using Our Journey, including a sample of the plan to demonstrate its use. Our Journey provides space/templates for 6 elements of planning: The downloadable planning tools are designed to cut down on time. Also downloadable are templates for writing observations and learning experience plans. Having one book that is universal to every room/group enables educational leaders to support staff in the planning process. It is easy to carry around and everything you need is all there in one book.

Download the learning outcomes here and the plans and templates here.