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Oxford University Press

Open-Ended Maths Activities


Open-ended Maths Activities Second Editionis the revised and expanded edition of the best-selling title by Peter Sullivan and Pat Lilburn. It discusses a type of open-ended, problem-solving question called a ‘good' question. These questions enhance learning, teaching and assessment and are a useful addition to a teacher's strategies. It includes:
  • practical advice on how to create your own ‘good' questions to use within the classroom
  • organised by subject area and levels (upper, middle and junior)
  • the sixteen topics covered are included within Number, Measurement, Space and Chance and Data.


  • Discuss the fearures of good questions and provides practical advice on how to create your own questions and use them in class. Over 80 pages of good questions for you to use.
  • Questions are catergorised into major content areas (number, space, measurement, chance and data), with an indication of the suggested age level for each question.
Authors: Peter Sullivan and Pat Lilburn