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Brain Spice

Newtons Cradle - Deluxe


We've gone out of our way to find the finest quality Newton's Cradles, because so many cheap and poorly made ones seem to have flooded the market.

Our "medium" Newton's Cradle is a thing of beauty. It is 25 x 22 x 21.5cm in size, beautifully constructed from varnished wood on a polished painted base. The steel balls are no less than 40mm in diameter, and will "clack" back and forth for well over a minute!

This Newton's Cradle makes a classy desktop novelty. It is also a great way to explore Newton's fundamental laws of motion.

Newton's Laws ...

  • First… Law of Inertia — a body will remain at rest or in motion unless acted on by outside force.
  • Second… Law of Acceleration — acceleration or change in motion is proportional to the force applied.
  • Third… Law of Conservation of Momentum — every action has an equal and opposite reaction.