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My Spelling Workbook


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My Spelling Workbook

A metacognitive approach


  • a 10-point whole-school plan for spelling success
  • a whole-school spelling program
  • metacognitive approach covering all learning strategies and styles
  • teaches spelling in context with a wide range of activities
  • makes spelling fun
  • comprehensive teachers guide for each Year group – including differentiation activities and assessment charts
  • eighteen spelling units per Year group – one for every two weeks
  • built-in revision lists in each unit
  • personal demon pages for difficult words
  • clear uncluttered layout with attractive artwork throughout
  • seven levels (A-G)
  • one workbook per Year group
  • encourages children to use ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’, approach
  • eighteen four-page spelling units per workbook – one for every two weeks
  • revision word lists in each unit
  • opportunities for child to include personal spelling journals
  • wide variety of fun reinforcement activities, including:
  • word searches, rhyming words, crosswords, read and draw, picture matching, unjumbling sentences, word worms, alphabetical order, shape sorters, meaning of words, spelling sums, synonyms and antonyms
  • Interactive software available
  • teachers guides available