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Hawker Brownlow

More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons: Using Childrens Books to Guide Inquiry

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Level F-4
Teachers Reference

Teachers raved when Picture-Perfect Science Lessons was first published.* They loved its lively mix of kid-magnet books, curriculum-based science content and ready-to-teach lessons. So what could be more perfect? More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons! This volume offers 14 new lessons that combine picture books and inquiry to develop students' interest in science and reading.

The sequel follows the winning formula that made the first book a bestseller. The lessons, following the 5E Instructional Model developed by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), cover a variety of science content - physical science, biological science, and Earth and space science. They include reproducible student pages and assessments. They feature embedded reading-comprehension strategies. And they make students yearn to learn from such engaging fiction and nonfiction books as Diary of a Worm, Sunshine on my Shoulders, How Big is a Foot? and Leo Cockroach, Toy Tester. Renowned science educator BSCS Executive Director Rodger Bybee has written the foreword.

The authors know how important it is for time-starved teachers to integrate science and reading in a natural way and how students with reading troubles can use an extra nudge to get engaged in science texts. More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons is the perfect supplement to your science program - and the perfect way to help students love reading about and learning about science.

*Teachers weren't the only ones raving! Picture-Perfect won the 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award for Teacher Resource Books from the Association of Educational Publishers.