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Money Matters

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Blackline Master

Money Matters

Developing money concepts

Is a teachers handbook for developing money concepts is a comprehensive collection of practical ideas and resources for introducing and developing money concepts with students in a classroom and school environment. The book integrates the mathematical ideas associated with money with societal issues, rather than performing calculations with money.

The book is divided into seven sections:

  • General teacher information;
  • Money recognition;
  • Counting coins;
  • Coin equivalence;
  • Money frames;
  • Integration and shopping; and
  • Financial literacy.


  • a broad spectrum of money concepts and activities
  • essential background information about teaching money concepts
  • relevant issues to consider before commencing a unit about money
  • suggested activities presented in developmental progression
  • useful ‘Teacher tips’
  • practical activities supported by a variety of blackline masters
  • a selection of games to reinforce each money concept
  • sample assessment checklists for individual student and whole-class recording