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Me 7-Segment Serial Display - Red


The Me 7-Segment Serial Display is a classic 4-digit common anode 7-segment display, usually used to display numbers and a few special characters. You can easily use it in your robot project to show speed, time, the value of sensors, or game scores.

The Me 7-Segment Serial Display is based on chip TM1637, and you can control each segment and decimal point individually. Controlling each segment is not a complicated task, as we have provided an Arduino library for easy programming.


Note: this is a picture of V1.0. For convenience, the RJ25 connector has been moved to the back of the PCB on V1.1.


  • 4 digit red alpha-numeric display and one decimal point per digit
  • Selectable brightness, you can see clearly even in daytime
  • 16mm interval M4 mounting holes, compatible with Makeblock beams
  • 2.54mm breakout pins for connecting with jumper wires
  • Easy wiring with 6P6C RJ25 interface
  • Arduino library for easy programming


  • Rated Voltage: 5V
  • Digital Bits: 4
  • Size:24 x 48 x 32mm (Length x Width x Height)


Arduino Library

For more details about this product, please visit the Makeblock wiki page. If you have any questions about this product or if you need technical support, please post in the Makeblock forum.