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mBot 6-Legged Robot Add-On Pack


What is the mBot Six-Legged Robot Add-On Pack?

The mBot Six-Legged Robot Add-On Pack is a 3-in-1 expansion pack for the mBot. You can construct "Beetle", "Mantis" and "Crazy Frog" with the parts inside this pack, as well as, of course, the mBot.

The mBot Six-Legged Robot Add-On Pack is a great way to get kids creatively thinking about their mBot!

Shape one: Beetle

mBot add on

A six-legged beetle that moves quickly.
It turns around and attacks the enemy promptly!

Shape two: Mantis

It quietly crawls, waving two arms disposedly.
It is the hunter from the darkness,
approaching you, and catching you…

Shape three: Crazy Frog

A little crazy frog, dashes around so madly that nobody can stop it!