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Maths Plus - Australian Curriculum Edition (National) - Student and Assessment Book 2020


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An integral part of the Maths Plus Australian Curriculum series, this value pack is the new 2020 edition and contains one Student Book and one Assessment Book.

Student Book

The Student Book offers opportunities for spiralled learning and practice, and for students to develop and consolidate skills in understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving.

The Maths Plus Student Book includes:

  • four diagnostic term reviews (Years 1–6) to assess concepts and skills
  • contextual support and examples
  • dictionaries (Years 2–6)
  • answers (Years 2–6)

Assessment Book

The Assessment Book provides teachers with an easily administered, yet comprehensive, post-assessment tool.

The Maths Plus Assessment Book:

  • provides opportunities for teachers to measure student growth
  • includes short post-tests for each topic
  • includes a simple marking system that enables easy conversion to percentages.

Maths Plus series components

The Student and Assessment Books are supported by other key components of the Maths Plus Australian Curriculum series:

  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Teacher Books NEW!
  • Mentals and Homework Books (Years 1–6)