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Maths Handbook


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Maths Handbook

Maths handbook for teachers and parents explains in detail the content of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum from Years 3–9 and in some cases beyond. It also includes a brief coverage of the content from early childhood up to Year 2.

The authors, all experienced mathematics educators, give the simplest explanations of how to tackle maths problems, providing background information and clearly-worked examples. If you are not sure of the steps such as those required to teach students how to create and read a graph, complete a calculation or solve an equation in algebra, then this book is for you. There are also substantial sections on geometry, measurement and probability.

The authors have tried to help the reader develop an understanding of the processes behind the mathematics taught and used in school. They have emphasised the use of number sense when performing a calculation and the important processes for solving problems, while at the same time explaining the reasons behind the processes. This book is the perfect companion to the best selling Maths terms and tables.