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Maths Games for the Australian Curriculum


Years 2-3
Years 3-4
Blackline Master

Maths Games for the Australian Curriculum

Students are more engaged when they are having fun, and thesegameswill improve student understanding and strengthen skills through lively, collaborative andinteractive games.

Maths Games for theAustralian Curriculumis a three-book series for Year 1–4 students covering:

  • Operations and algebraic thinking
  • Number and operations inBase Ten
  • Number and operations –fractions


  • 12 games in each book plus additional warm-up activities
  • full instructions for each game including materials needed, number of players and objective
  • ideas for game variations and extension activities
  • discussion questions to help students make connections between the game and mathematical concepts
  • producible game boards,number cardsand spinners
  • Australian Curriculum links