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Maths Games and Activities


Ages 5-6
Ages 7-8
Ages 9-10
Blackline Master

Maths Games and Activities

High Interest Maths Games

Maths Gamesand Activities blackline masters have been designed to introduce, reinforce and consolidate mathematical concepts. The activities will motivate students to explore mathematics in the safe and familiar environment ofgame playing. Blank game boards have been included for teachers to customise to extend or support individual students or groups. Maths Games and Activities provides an excellent opportunity for students to talk about maths and relate their mathematical ideas and understandings to others.


  • high-interest games and activities that can be used to introduce, reinforce and consolidate concepts
  • emphasis on mathematical language
  • appropriate concepts introduced at each stage of learning
  • encourages cooperative learning and the development ofcommunications skills
  • teachers notes provide suggestions for classroom and home use
  • blank game boards included for teachers to customise
  • linked to outcome statements
  • answers provided