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Hawker Brownlow

Making School a Game Worth Playing - Digital Games in the Classroom


Teachers Reference

Kids today live in a digital connected world. Prepare your students for the new global economy by leveraging the technology they love and understand best. This straightforward, easy-to-follow guide helps you build essential 21st-century skills using digital video games. Ryan Schaaf and Nicky Mohan provide a cutting-edge, research-based approach— built around time-honoured instructional practices. Step-by-step strategies help you easily find, evaluate and integrate digital games into your existing lesson plans or completely redesign your classroom.

This practical guide helps teachers use well-designed game elements to

  • promote meaningful student buy-in
  • create student-centred, collaborative learning spaces
  • teach and assess 21st Century Fluencies
  • address multiple intelligences using research-based strategies

This book includes a detailed implementation outline, a revised Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy oriented to game content, summarised notes and a reading list for engaged, adventure-filled learning!