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Make Science Fun Experiments


Experiments, intended for an older more ‘serious’ age group of 8-15, is designed for children to do actual science experiments (not just science ‘activities’) at home.

Most science experiment books aren’t experiment books at all. They mostly contain fun science activities, which are fun to do & help learn science – but a fun science ‘activity’ isn’t always an experiment. A science experiment sets out to answer a question or solve a problem using a fair and controlled test. To count as a science experiment you need to take measurements, make observations and control variables.

With space to write hypotheses, record results, make observations and draw graphs required, Make Experiments is a strong foundation on which to build student awareness of the importance of science in everyday lives. It builds confidence, inspires excellence and encourages students to discover and ‘love’ science through memorable (sometimes explosive) experiments at home.

Experiments will be scaffolded – early experiments in the book have lots of scaffolding to assist kids completing the reports/investigations & later experiments have less and less scaffolding so kids have more room to complete their own reports.

Kids will find the information fascinating and the experiments will encourage kids to explore science and the world around them.

Experiments is suitable for schools, home schooling and kids who want to get a headstart in science