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Oxford University Press

Listen Read Write - Building Fluency and Vocabulary - DAMAGED COPY

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Slightly Damaged - Reduced Price

Listen Read Write: Building Fluency and Vocabulary is a teachers guide and support book for the "Team X" Oxford Literacy series.

Team X is an outstanding addition to the Oxford Literacy series and has been developed for the whole school – for the early years through to Year 6. Team X has been extensively researched and trialed in schools to make absolutely sure that it’s what kids want!

Team X builds fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Fluency and vocabulary are important skills and are both crucial stepping stones to comprehension, which for any reader may be considered the main goal of reading.

For all levels, there are two writing activities related to the content or theme of the book, often scaffolded, with a graphic organiser. There are also two additional activities that link to other curriculum learning areas.

"Team X" Oxford Literacy Series:

  • Captivating, visually stimulating books that will get the boys – and the girls – reading and writing.
  • A unique thematic structure that is great for motivation and consolidating learning.
  • A literacy program that fits alongside your existing resources, including Oxford Literacy.
  • Continuous characters including heroes and villains.
  • Overarching plot containing action, humour and fantasy.
  • Non-fiction elements to the series.
  • Visual literacy elements such as comic-book style episodes, story maps and speech bubbles.
  • Listen, Read, Write – Professional Support book
  • Audio books and activity cards