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Hawker Brownlow

Building the Resilient School - Overcoming the Effects of Poverty With a Culture of Hope


Book - Reference

Authors Robert D Barr and Emily L Gibson recognise that poor students’ success depends on a new vision for public education that confronts the traumatising effects of poverty. In Building the resilient school: Overcoming the effects of poverty with a culture of hope, they present a sweeping review of the state of poverty and its effects on students, families and school staff. The authors then consider the actions and results of select schools that are addressing their students’ needs and fighting the epidemic of 21st century poverty with resilience and hope.

Using this book, F–12 educators and leaders will learn how to create resilient schools and give their students the foundations they need to break the poverty cycle and build hopeful futures.

Readers will:

  • Study widespread poverty in the United States and understand how poverty traumatises students and their families
  • Become familiar with secondary trauma and how working in high-poverty communities can traumatise educators
  • Learn how they can mitigate the effects of poverty by developing resilience and hope in students, their families and staff
  • Discover the importance of resilient schools in fighting poverty and the results that resilient schools have demonstrated in high-risk communities
  • Develop resilient schools by addressing the four cornerstones of a resilient school.