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Kumikube Puzzle


The newest, toughest challenge to any puzzle enthusiast!!!

Kumiki is a Japanese word which means "to join wood together". In Japan, the term kumiki refers to several different varieties of woodcraft, especially figural wooden interlocking puzzles or, in a broader sense, any wooden construction toy.

Tsunetaro Yamanaka (1874-1954) was the first craftsman to design and construct puzzles that resembled building and vehicles as well as abstract shapes like spheres and cubes. His descendants continued this kumiki tradition, still creating new puzzles including animal shapes. Today, Tadaaki Yamanaka, great grandson of Tsunetaro, continues his work.

Our KumiKubeTM consists of six interlocking components and is available in a light and in a dark shade of woodgrain material, a high-quality plastic resin which closely resembles wood. Due to the intricacy of its mould and its perfect fit, it could not be manufactured in wood. There are four different kumiki design techniques: oshi, mawashi, kendon and sayubiki. Ours is "OSHI" ("push") because a key piece has to be pushed out to allow disassembly.

...If you really really cannot solve it, please contact us for a solution video.