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Konnichi Wa


Blackline Master

Konnichi Wa

An introduction to Japanese

This blackline master provides a collection of worksheets suitable for students in Years 4 – 7, covering the topics these students would naturally study in their first few years of Japanese language study.


  • aims to provide Japanese language teachers with a selection of interesting activities to supplement their teaching program
  • tasks on blackline masters allow for the consolidation of relevant topic vocabulary and grammatical structures introduced in the early stages of LOTE learning
  • provides students with opportunities to use listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • all instructions are written in Japanese to encourage learning immersion and allow students to become familiar with instructional vocabulary
  • text has been written in romaji so that emphasis is placed on the learning of vocabulary, particles and grammar
  • students can record written responses using romaji or hiragana/katakana