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Hawker Brownlow

Identification and Evaluation of Learning Disabilities - The School Teams Guide to Student Success


When it comes to designing assessment and instruction for students with learning disabilities, one size does not fit all – and that’s also true for identifying and evaluating learning disabilities. Theories and legislation aside, it’s critical for your school team to have a comprehensive plan to make sure every child gets the right kind of attention – and no one falls through the cracks.

This compelling, easy-to-use handbook guides general educators, special educators, administrators and school psychologists through the stages of eligibility and evaluation to ensure that every students gets the best services and interventions. You’ll find

  • guidance on what data to collect and how to collect it;
  • strategies for combining RTI with a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose specific learning disabilities; and
  • detailed case studies – with graphs, figures and test scores – at the school, classroom and individual student level.

Everyone on your team has the same goal: to help students with learning challenges achieve success. Identification and Evaluation of Learning Disabilities provides the tools you need to make that happen.