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Hawker Brownlow

How the Brain Learns - 4th Edition


David A. Sousa continues his successful tradition of translating current research findings into effective classroom strategies and activities in this new version of his best-selling text. The fourth edition of How the Brain Learns integrates the most current developments in neuroscience, education, and psychology to inform your instruction and enhance your students’ learning. This book includes

  • new information on memory systems, especially the changes in working memory capacity
  • updated research on how the explosion of technology may be affecting the brain
  • current findings on brain organisation and learning, and revised sections on hemispheric specialisation
  • evidence that supports the value of the arts in improving cognitive processing and creativity
  • an expanded resources section with links to reliable information on the brain
  • More than 150 new or updated references and an expanded index

Indispensable for all educators who want to better understand the way children learn, this classic volume will help you rediscover the joy of seeing students reach their full potential.