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Horse Medicine


When renowned equine photographer Tony Stromberg set out to collect his best photographs from the last half decade into a new book, Horse Medicine, he decided to marry the photographs with words exploring a several central questions, questions he has also explored in his photography: What is it about the essential nature of the horse that draws people in so deeply? What is it about their archetypal form that holds such symbolism and meaning to cultures across the world? What are horses here to teach us, beyond their utilitarian or competitive use? Why do people respond so strongly to the “spirit” of the horse — not just horse lovers, but those who have never been around them but still respect and honor who they are and what they represent? What is it about the horse that seems to heal us? The resulting writings come from authors representing a broad range of thought: songwriter Leonard Cohen, poet Marge Piercy, dressage expert Dominique Barbier, natural horsemanship teachers Buck Brannaman and Chris Irwin, even Carl Jung.

Full colour throughout.