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Hawker Brownlow

Graphic Organisers for Reading


The use of graphic organisers makes it easier for students to comprehend and remember what they read. Graphic organisers help students

  • visualise abstract content
  • connect new ideas to previous knowledge
  • identify main ideas and supporting details
  • understand sequences
  • recognise relationships
  • focus on specific elements
  • compare ideas and concepts
  • recall and retrieve information.

Scientifically based research shows that using graphic organisers leads to improved students performance on assessments and enhanced critical thinking skills. The US National Reading Panel (2000) cited graphic and semantic organisers as one of the most effective ways to help students improve reading comprehension.

Graphic Organisers for Reading is one workbook resource every teacher needs. Here are 60 graphic organisers for fiction and nonfiction, literary elements and genre, and reading in any content area. Use the organisers to reinforce important reading strategies.