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Hawker Brownlow

Graphic Organisers for Maths


Book - Reference

The use of graphic organisers is an important part of many maths processes. Students learn to:

  • understand ways of representing numbers
  • show relationships among numbers
  • break apart and analyse each step of maths processes
  • demonstrate understandings of processes
  • communicate maths concepts and processes
  • visualise patterns and relations
  • represent mathematical ideas in a variety of ways
  • explain problem-solving strategies.

Analysis and communication are critical to all areas of mathematics. The US National Council of Teacher of Mathematics encourages the use of diagrams and visuals to help students develop problem-solving abilities. In addition, communication is identified as a key curriculum standard for mathematics. Graphic organisers help students analyse the steps in mathematical thinking and communicate with words, numbers and symbols for each step of their problem-solving process.

Graphic Organisers for Maths is one workbook resource every maths teacher needs. Here are 47 graphic organisers for guiding the problem-solving process, using various problem-solving processes, and explaining or demonstrating specific maths concepts and processes. And that’s not all! There are also nine pages of check-lists, guides and tips to assist maths problem-solvers as they work – including a problem-solving scoring rubric to help evaluate student progress. Use these organisers and tools to spark student thinking and enhance their problem-solving skills.