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Do you mix up your ‘affects’ and ‘effects’?

Do you know when to use ‘less’ or ‘fewer’?

And what about the dreaded semicolon – are you able to use one without your writing looking like the world’s most complicated maths equation?

Grammar is a bit of black hole in terms of size and matter, and if you’re not confident using it, it can suck you up and spit you out before you can say ‘there, their and they’re’.

Although this book won’t give you the formula to the theory of everything grammatical, it will stop you from making embarrassing slip-ups, such as ‘knowing you’re shit’, and leave you feeling confident that you really ‘know your shit’!

So say goodbye to your teacher indulging in their red marker pen and to silly CV mistakes, because this book offers bite-sized grammar tips and advice that’ll turn you from logophobic to a grammarian in no time!

Includes bite-sized tips and easy-to-learn grammar rules for a no-nonsense approach.

AUTHOR: Joanne Adams is what you might call a perfectionist when it comes to punctuation and spelling. A lifetime spent encountering greengrocers’ apostrophes and dangling participles at every turn has led her to set the world to rights in her very own grammar book. She hopes it will change the world!