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Grading and Learning - Practices That Support Student Achievement


Teachers Reference

School is not about grading. It’s about learning.

Grading and Learning: Practices That Support Student Achievement guides teacher’s to conduct accurate, constructive assessments that enhance learning and maintain the integrity of essential education objectives. Drawing from her extensive research and experience, author Susan M. Brookhart provides a relatable, relevant resource to improve F–12 assessment and reporting processes and support all students’ motivation to learn.

Following two straightforward principles – (1) grades should reflect student achievement of intended learning outcomes and (2) grading policies should support and motivate student effort and learning – this book offers teachers and administrators

  • Twelve detailed strategies for grading and reporting;
  • Clear definitions of terminology related to assessment, grading and reporting; and
  • Helpful recommendations for clearly communicating grades and grading policies to parents and students.

The premise of this book is the implicit promise or commitment teachers make to their students: in my class, in this school, all students can learn. Students won’t all learn the same things at the same level of proficiency or in the same amount of time, but if students are in school, they are there to learn something.

Author: Susan Brookhart