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Gold Panning Kit


Ages 3+

Gold panning activity kit that includes a miner's pan, tools and a bag of gold enriched gravel. The guide clearly explains how to pan for gold, instructing users to pour the gravel into the pan and gradually sift through it using techniques made popular during the California gold rush. After a little bit of panning, gold chunks and flakes should appear at the bottom of the dish. Pick them out with the tweezers and pipette to display in the small bottle included. The set is not only fun, but also has an educational aspect that educates via the fact packed panning guide.

  • Pan for gold activity kit
  • Includes bag of gravel with fools gold inside
  • Recover small chunks and flakes via panning
  • Seven inch miner's pan
  • Tweezers, pipette and magnifying glass
  • Display bottle