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Hawker Brownlow

Gifted Students and the Australian Curriculum - An Introductory Guide for Educators - Revised Edition


Gifted Students and the Australian Curriculum: An Introductory Guide for Educators is designed to help you better understand the specific learning needs of students with exceptional potential or who demonstrate abilities well beyond those of their peers – the gifted students. It aims to provide important information for teachers and leaders with limited experience with gifted students.

The book opens by canvassing changing views about what it means to be gifted so that you can better understand the rationale for classroom practices, both past and present. It goes on to explore a range of observable behaviours and characteristics of gifted individuals, and ways teachers can come to a clear understanding of what giftedness means today.

Once students have been identified, the author considers how to determine and provide for their learning needs, and explores a range of differentiation options applicable at all levels of schooling. Finally, the book concludes with consideration of issues for leaders as they advocate, support and manage the range of pathways and options provided for gifted students in their school.

Pohl argues that providing the appropriate level of challenge for gifted students does more than anything else in inspiring them to reach their true potential. The book is dedicated to exploring ways to provide this essential ingredient in the learning environment for our gifted students.

This revised edition of Gifted Students in the School Context includes a wholly new first chapter dedicated to this national curriculum and explaining how it helps to promote student growth both academically and mentally.