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Brain Spice

Galileo Thermometer - 16-36 degC 56cm


This 56cm tall Galileo Thermometer contains 11 colourful, carefully weighted balls of hand-blown glass and a temperature range of 16C and 36C. Watch the temperature change by seeing the balls rise and fall as their densities change.

In liquid, each globe with the same weight and size is compelled to go down as the temperature rises. The globe will rise if the temperature falls. The lowest suspended globe in the upper part of the cylinder equals the right temperature.

This property was first observed by Galileo, and our thermometers have been named in his honour. By observing which bauble is floating in the middle of the column, or by averaging the ones bracketing the gap (if there is no ball in the middle), the temperature can be read.

Recommended for ages 8+