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Foundations of Early Literacy


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This book provides advice about the foundations of early literacy that is easily accessible, based on best practice and – above all – fun. Since play is the natural human learning drive, the more enjoyable an activity is, the more likely it is to enhance learning.

Foundations of Early Literacy presents a seven-stranded approach which resonates clearly with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Australian National Curriculum (Foundation year). It provides activities which early years educators and teachers can include in their practice with children aged 3 to 6 years. This age range covers the transition into school, as some children still require careful support to meet the requirements of the Foundation Year, while other preschool children are well ahead on this journey towards formal literacy.

In a well-organised setting, where educators understand the foundations on which early literacy is based and provide enjoyable activities to support their learning and development, most children are likely to achieve the relevant learning outcomes ‘naturally’ through their own early literacy activities.

Foundations of Early Literacy was devised from the start to place language, listening and literacy within the wider context of children’s overall physical and mental growth – recognising the overlap between all areas of early learning and development. Practical advice on helping children to transfer their learning into their own child-initiated activities to build a genuine and solid foundation for early literacy is integral to the book.