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Hawker Brownlow

Focused Instruction - An Innovation Teaching Model for All Learners


Focused Instruction: An Innovative Teaching Model for All Learners explains how to differentiate learning content, course of action and final student product while maintaining a student-centred classroom.

Focused Instruction is a well-planned, standards-based lesson map. This map includes the teaching components that are crucial for a deep, long-term understanding of individual student learning needs. Focused instruction involves sequential instruction that is purposeful, engaging, relevant and customised for unique learners. This book organises this teaching model into manageable chunks, providing teachers with a simple and highly effective process – one that empowers them to address their students’ unique learning needs. Each of its 11 steps is based on practices proven to enhance student achievement. With specific tools and sample lessons for supporting diverse learners, this highly systematic process includes how to

  • analyse standards to focus on learning,
  • teach the vocabulary and concepts of a standard, and
  • scaffold and customise content.

The information and techniques in Focused Instruction will benefit teachers working at all levels and in all content areas.

Author: Gwen Doty