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Flippin Dolphins - Magnetic Travel


Ages 7+
1 Player

Find out what happens under water!

Dolphins like playing, jumping and flipping...but you only see these intelligent animals when they leap out of the water.

Can you also figure out what they are doing below the surface?

Dive in and discover a travel puzzle game with 7 magnetic pieces and 48 challenges, from easy to expert!

How to Play:

Step 1: Select a challenge. Note challenges show the part of the game board which is above the water. However, to get you started the first level also shows the position of dolphins just below the water surface.

Step 2: Place all the puzzle pieces with dolphins on the game board: • The position of the dolphins that are visible in the challenge must match with the position of the dolphins on the game board. • You can freely choose the position of the dolphins that are not shown in the challenge, but pieces cannot not overlap each other or the border of the game board. • Tip: The adult dolphins share similar features. If the challenge only shows a tail fin above the water, it is not a given as to which dolphin it belongs.

Step 3: One solution can be found at the end of the booklet. Your solution might look slightly different, because you can often rotate puzzle pieces 180° if the dolphins are below the surface.

Age: 7+

Number of Challenges: 48

Number of Players: 1