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FinGears - Green Blue Green


FinGears a multi-purpose anti-stress gadget breaking boundaries: awesome tricks, games and a hundred other uses! This is NOT a spinner. FinGears are magnetic free-style rings, unlike any other fidget or stress relief gadget.

You can spin them, whirl them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends… the possibilities are endless! Other fidgets or gadgets have specific purposes and uses.

FinGears are completely modular and freestyle. FinGears are magnetic free-style rings unlike any other fidget or stress relief gadget.

In the 'Rainbow' series you have one ring which is the reverse colours of the other two rings.

FinGears are the only original and patented magnetic rings. Beware of imitations. FinGears has 14-18 magnets depending on size.

Suitable for 14+ years