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Exploring Natural Connections with Light, Reflection and Shadow

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This is a book to inspire educators to think outside the box, to explore, to create and to wonder. It uses real examples from early childhood services across Australia to unpack the possibilities and learning opportunities that can arise from working with concepts of light, reflection and shadow, and links these to relevant theories and to the EYLF.

The book:

  • supports an open curriculum where continuous provision of materials, resources and supportive adults encourages children to build on their knowledge as time passes
  • provides provocations for research and exploration with children, as opposed to a list of activities to be scheduled into a yearly plan
  • shows how to create a rich environment that is filled with a large range of interesting open-ended resources that children, as inherent investigators, will be naturally drawn to
  • encourages the use of open-ended play experiences that provide infants and toddlers with opportunities to personally select and handle real objects in order to construct their own understanding

By observing children’s interests without adult interference, we can analyse and reflect on what they have observed, and explore other possibilities that link to what the child is really interested in. Following the child’s interest increases their engagement and learning.

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Authors: Nicole Halton, Natashja Treveton, Niki Buchan