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Exceeding the Standards - 2nd edition


This new second edition of Exceeding the Standards incorporates all the changes made to the assessment and rating process conducted through the NQS, the seven quality areas, and the subsequent changes to the standards and elements.

The book describes what you can do to prepare for your NQS assessment and rating and how you can achieve continuous quality improvement in your setting. It points out the difference between achieving ‘meeting’ versus achieving ‘exceeding’ the national quality standard, and provides a multitude of helpful documents to use as a starting point to determine what you are already doing well and what you need to do to get your service to an exceeding level.

Exceeding the Standards is designed to challenge your thinking on what quality education and care looks like, feels like and sounds like at your service. The resources can be used as a guide or a starting point to ensure that you and your team are raising the bar and striving to improve the programs, practice and leadership to provide better outcomes for the children in your care every day.

Pages: 96 | Ages: 0-5

By Bernadette Waters, Susie Rosback