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Escape 2 - The Temple Grounds Puzzle - 759pc



The Escape Room concept is now available as a Ravensburger puzzle!

It’s up to you to put the puzzle together, find the mysteries and solve them all. Will you be able to solve all of the mysteries and find the ‘last’ puzzle piece? A mysterious illustration plunges puzzlers and players into a mystifying world where it is all about finding the ‘escape’!

Escape 2 - The Temple Grounds...

On a wonderful holiday to Asia your guide takes you to an ancient temple. But you grow weary, become lost and slip down into the depths. Can you escape, and stop this temple from becoming your tomb?

This is extra-challenging, because the puzzle image isn't the same as the boxtop picture, and you have to decipher the clues on the in-box leaflet too. You can get extra clues by scanning the QR code - and if all else fails, use the final answer provided in the sealed envelope. Can you discover the 8 mysteries hidden within the puzzle and escape your own temple of doom?


  • 759 Perplexing Pieces
  • Instructions
  • An Envelope with Answers

Size: 70 x 50cm

Ages: 12 years - Adult