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English Language - Text Structure and Organisation

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Year 3
Year 5
Year 6
Blackline Master

Australian Curriculum English: Language – Text Structure and Organisation

Australian Curriculum English – Language: Text structure and organisation, Foundation to Year 6, is a series of seven books written specifically to support the new national English curriculum. These books contain a comprehensive range of resources to assist teachers in implementing the sub-strand of Text structure and organisation within the Language strand of English. All content descriptions of the sub-strand have been included. While each book focuses on this sub-strand, interrelated links to other strands ofLiteratureandLiteracyhave been incorporated.

Each section of the book supports a specific content description of the sub-strand and follows a consistent format which includes the following information over a number of pages:

  • Teacher information, with an explanation of related terms from the content description
  • Studentvocabulary
  • An explanation of what the content description means
  • Teaching points
  • Elaborations based on the content description
  • Activities to develop the content description
  • Blackline masters for students
  • Resource sheets including card games, reference charts and strategy suggestions
  • Assessment checklist
  • Interrelated English links for other strands
  • Table showing the language modes, general capabilities andcross-curriculumpriorities covered in each content description
  • Answers for blackline master activities.

The number of pages in each content description of the sub-strand vary within each book, as do the number of pages of each book in different year levels.