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Encyclopedia of Immaturity 2 Shenanigans - Klutz


When The Encyclopedia of Immaturity was published in in 2007, it made a great gift for someone's nephew...

And grandparents...

And brothers-in-law...

And accountants...

Due to popular demand, a second helping of skills, activities and secret knowledge suitable only for those whose maturity stopped developing around the age of 12 has emerged: The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2: All New Shenanigans.

In addition to thought-provoking topics such as 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Wedgies', the book includes detailed directions for how to fake a cold, slide down a banister, balance a ping-pong ball on your nose, send a toiletgram, throw a sloshie and more. It's all new and all hopelessly goofy.

It turns out the world is populated by a lot more people who are lot less mature than they look.

Well, duh!