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Hawker Brownlow

Digital Daily Warm-Ups - Figurative Language Level 2


Digital Daily Warm-Ups: Figurative Language Level 2 – Years 9–12 is a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time. We use figurative language to add colour, drama, persuasiveness, ornament, clarity and wit, so the ability to understand and use figurative language is an important aspect of a student’s development. The 180 quick activities in this book are designed to improve figurative writing and language skills, helping learners to master techniques such as alliteration, antithesis, metaphor, simile, paradox, euphemism, onomatopoeia and more.

Books in the Daily Warm-Ups series may be used at the beginning of class to get students into thinking mode, near the end of class to make good use of transitional time or in the middle of class to help students shift gears between lessons. In addition to helping students warm up and focus, they are a natural lead-in to other classroom activities involving writing. However you choose to use them, Daily Warm-Ups are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular class lessons. Make every minute of your class time count!