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Hawker Brownlow

Defensible Teacher Evaluation - Student Growth Through Classroom Assessment

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Teachers Reference

Annual standardised test scores cannot provide evidence of student growth needed to evaluate teacher performance. But consider student growth in the form of evidence derived from classroom assessment and you’re on to something. For assessment expert Rick Stiggins, this can form the basis for a truly productive teacher evaluation strategy.

This revolutionary book helps you bring classroom assessment to bear for real school improvement, with

  • a plan for teacher evaluation based, in part, on dependable evidence of student growth
  • strategies for improving the assessment literacy of teachers and school leaders
  • five steps for developing and implementing productive local district assessment systems
  • practical tools that teachers and their evaluators can put to use immediately

In this era of aggressive teacher evaluation reform, where teachers are charged with preparing ALL students to master 21st century proficiencies, the measurement of teacher success must start where learning happens—in the classroom.