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DC - Superman Hero Light


The greatest superhero of them all is yours with this stunning Superman Hero Light. A visually impressive moodlight providing a truly iconic portrait of the Man of Steel.

Consisting of a laser etched acrylic Superman with a dual powered light base, this is a moodlight like no other and creates a brilliantly effective Superman image. The light is powered by battery and USB, and comes with a 1.5m (approx 5ft) length micro USB cable included.

Superman is the definitive hero from DC Comics, and often regarded as being the greatest superhero ever created. First appearing in Action Comics in 1938, Superman has since become a global icon of popular culture. Featuring in blockbuster movies such as Superman, Superman Returns, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as countless TV series, video games and graphic novels, the Man of Steel is synonymous with the superhero genre.

Batteries are not included, but the unit takes 3 x AA batteries when not using the USB power function. The rated input is 5V DC 500mA 2.5W.

Instruction leaflet included.

The Superman Hero Light is an officially licensed DC Comics product.

Not suitable for young children, recommended for ages 8 and above.