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Oxford University Press

Daily Work-Outs for Foundation to Year 6


Develop crucial mental computation skills

Daily Workouts is an essential and practical resource for teachers, designed to build students’ mental computation skills, develop their learning strategies and support their mathematical understanding. It offers a comprehensive range of activities linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Number and Algebra strand, across all primary year levels.

This book:

  • features over 500 ten-minute activities for primary school students: Lower (Years F–2), Middle (Years 3–4) and Upper (Years 5–6)
  • focuses on the learning areas of Number and Place Value, Fractions and Decimals, Money and Financial Mathematics, and Patterns and Algebra
  • addresses the Australian Curriculum proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem-Solving and Reasoning
  • helps teachers plan and implement daily maths practice for whole class or small groups
  • can be used to support any primary mathematics program
  • features student-directed questions, predicted student responses, answers and solutions
  • includes variations as well as follow-up or extension tasks.

Daily Workouts is an Oxford Teacher Reference title.

The Oxford Teacher Reference series supports educators with high-quality professional resources to help deliver the best educational outcomes in primary and secondary mathematics. Led by research and written by experts in the field, this suite of stand-alone teacher reference titles offers comprehensive support across all areas of mathematics.

Oxford Teacher Reference titles are fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and are supported by complimentary digital resources available online through Oxford Owl.